Saturday, January 19, 2013

Free eyeglasses promotion on now at Vision Source Vancouver

Free eyeglasses, lenses and coatings at Vision Source Vancouver - Dr. M.K. Randahwa

Free eyeglasses, lenses and coatings at Vision Source Vancouver - Dr. M.K. Randahwa

Vision Source Vancouver is the only eye clinic that gives patients free eye-glasses just for having an eye exam.

Call 604-435-3931 today for an appointment or use the form below to book online.

You get rewarded just for taking responsibility for your health! Remember, free eye wear is great but healthy eyes are prices. At Vision Source Vancouver, our doctors of optometry give you both.

Every month a free eye-glasses flyer goes out to neighbourhoods in Vancouver and Surrey, BC. The current flyer is always posted on this page so if it didn't come to your home you can get it here.

Why do we give away prescription eye-glasses? It's all part of our See for Life Campaign to motivate people to keep their eyes healthy and stay safe from diseases like glaucoma that can sneak up on you and cause permanent vision loss

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