Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall FREE eye glasses promotion on now at Vision Source Vancouver Optometrists

Get free eye-glasses with your eye exam only at Vision Source Vancouver Optometrists.  The free glasses include single vision 1.5 index lenses, UV protection, scratch resistant coating the frame, all for FREE. 

Experts recommend an eye exam every year to ensure that your eye are healthy, well protected and that you are seeing clearly and have comfortable, strain and head-ache free vision.  Remember, many eye diseases can only be treated if caught early during an eye exam.  Once vision is lost, it never comes back - don't wait to go to the eye doctor until you have serious symptoms or have already suffered vision loss. 

Your annual visit to the eye doctor is also an excellent opportunity to learn about exciting new lens technology such as digital, high definition lenses that make your world clearer than ever.

Fall free eyeglasses promotion at Vision Source Vancouver

Fall free eyeglasses promotion at Vision Source Vancouver
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